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EBE11: Call for Speakers

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#EBE11 is now accepting speaker applications! The deadline for speakers proposals is the 15th of October. EBE is the largest social web meeting in Spain and the second largest in Europe based on attendance.

We’d like to invite you to submit a session proposal for a presentation at the #EBE11 in Sevilla, Spain, this November 11-13.
More than 30 conference sessions, some of them in English, are planned for #EBE11, and you can be one of our speakers.

EBE is the social web meeting par excellence in Spain. #EBE11 will provide a uniquely collaborative environment for an exclusive audience of internet lovers who represent an important part of the sector which is particularly relevant and useful for enterprises.

This year’s theme is ‘EBE11: beyond the web’. In #EBE11 we will talk about the web, blogs, social media and other sectors with technological innovations that affect one’s daily life.

Suggested content areas include:

  • The Facebook era: commerce, games…
  • Browser vs. Closed environment.
  • Mobile phones, so what’s next?: a new generation of applications, higher level of privacy…
  • Freedoms in danger: civil law, intellectual property rights…
  • Productivity and new business models: answers to the economic situation.

This is not a limited list of content. Please, feel free to submit your own topic.

The deadline for speakers proposals is the 15th of October.
If you are interested in speaking at EBE11, please send your speaking proposal to: teresa {at} eventoblog {dot} com

In 2010, EBE reaffirmed its position as the largest web meeting in Spain and the second largest one in Europe, according to the number of people attending. We would like to improve this aspect with new leaders, more participation and guest countries, in order to make our EBE a truly global. This year we hope to attract a diverse worldwide gathering of passionate people who will come to Sevilla to connect with others, and to share their perspective and their experiences about

We would appreciate your help in once again spreading awareness of EBE11 to the people who you are connected with on your social networks.

Hope to see you at #EBE11 in Sevilla.

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Don´t you know EBE? Come, have fun and learn with us
EBE is the biggest blogger and web entrepreneur conference in Spain and the second most important in Europe: 3,000 participants.

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Where? Celebrating venue
How to get to #EBE12? #EBE11 will take place 2 – 4, November 2012 at Hotel Barceló Renacimiento, Isla de la Cartuja, Sevilla.