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Why the USA is a lure and Europe an option, David Verbustel

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Atending EBE11 will be David Verbustel, he will talk about the early steps of a native European entrepreneur and his extensive experience as business project developer. David will be on Saturday from 17:00 to 17:30 at the Paralel II.

David @davidv always imagined entrepreneurs like heroes : filled with passion and perseverance like no one else on earth, continually looking to create value to the society, increasing wellness and leading the path to a brighter future. Startups are an act of faith, they are driven by the passion of the entrepreneur. However deep their faith in their vision is, it can lead to a deadly outcome by missing some key facts in the earliest days of their entrepreneurial journey. Their decision-making process is altered by the business culture of European life versus American life and a lack of understanding in the search for a business model.


He will explain to us in #EBE11 that there are 2 categories of entrepreneurs. A minority of entrepreneurs are born crazy and understand that there is no such thing as an overnight success but they have the guts to undertake whatever it takes to get their startup off the ground. And after years of hard work and perseverance it might look like an overnight success. But the other and major category of entrepreneurs are made along the way.

During the keynote he will attempt to explain the latest category and how business culture of European life versus American life and the search for the perfect business model lead to misconceptions and failures in entrepreneurship.

David Verbustel

David Verbustel (@davidv ) is a Business Engineer (Louvain School of Management – Belgium, University of Texas at Austin) specialized in entrepreneurship and innovation.
After dedicating himself to foster Belgian entrepreneurship, his passion for recruitment and web technologies led him to found the Bright Ventures Group, an entrepreneurial company (i.e. business incubator) that focuses on staffing and recruitment projects. The first project, iStorm Agency,  is today a successful million dollar Business. Recently a new venture was launched : “FellowNation” , a free and open professional network for communities that is currently being tested on the Belgian market

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