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‘A glimpse of the future of Innovation and Communication’, by Troed Sangberg

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Attending to #EBE11 will be Troed Sångberg , he calls himsefl futurist and this is how his profile on social networks talks about him. Troed will be on Friday from 19:30 to 20:00 at the Plenary talking about disruption and the future of communication.

Human to human connectivity is closely related to our rate of innovation. Let’s explore human communication history, where we are today are where we could end up in the future. Democratized creation, gift economy rules and the openness culture is currently sweeping through society turning bureaucracies and corporate structures upside down, plants the seeds for Skynet and cause pirates to go “arrr!”.

#mobilefuture will be the hastag of his conference on Twitter. To warm up you can check this video, He is talking about exponential change and its effects upon innovation:

Troed Sångberg

Troed Sangberg (@troed) is a futurist working at the Sony Ericsson Technology Office. With a core technical background and a keen interest in changes in society, culture and the human mind he tries to explore, expand and project the resulting impacts onto the world around us.

After 13 years of mobile experience in developing, project leading and directing strategy at companies ranging from Ericsson, Symbian, TietoEnator to Sony Ericsson one question relevant today would be if we really can separate our offline and online experiences. Troed can be followed on Twitter and his corporate Sony Ericsson blog.

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