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The Future of Internet Radio and Music, by Nico Perez

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Nico Perez will be EBE11 talking about the future of Internet radio and music and his experience as cofounder of  Mixcloud. Nico will be on Saturday from 16:30 to 17:00 at the Paralel II.

Nico Perez will talking about the future of Internet music and radio. With the growing number of cloud based services, including Apple’s iCloud, the next few years will see an explosive growth in the number of people listening to music and radio over IP.

The talk will cover: how to make your website more social, democratic and personal (using examples from Mixcloud and around the web), business model challenges and multi-channel / platform challenges.

#futuremusic will be the hashtag that we will used for the online conversation.

Nico Perez

Nico is Cofounder of Mixcloud – an Internet radio company based in London, UK.

He graduated from Cambridge University with a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering before working as an
analyst in the renewable energy sector. Nico used his technical background and visual orientation to design
and build websites as a hobby, before founding Mixcloud in late 2008.

At Mixcloud Nico is responsible for product development including graphic design, information architecture, branding, identity and HTML/CSS development.

Nico has also mentored several Founder Institute semesters including Paris, Singapore, Bogota and others. He regularly speaks at conferences around the world.

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