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EBE was born in March 2006, on account of Seville’s Blog presentation, the first Spanish book to analyse the blog phenomenon.

From then on, José Luis Antúnez talks to Luis Rull and Benito Castro about the project of producing what we now know as EBE with a first edition to be celebrated in November 2006 in Seville.

Benito Castro (@benitocastro)

Blog: El blog de Benito Castro.

Foto de Benito Castro

1961, San Roque (Cádiz). Journalist. Graduated in Information.

Sciences in the Complutense University of Madrid. Masters degree in Economics and Company Management in the International Institute San Telmo of Seville (IESE programme).

Head of Radio Journalism at Radio Televisión de Andalucía (RTVA) until May 2007 (and for 10 years). Since then, in charge of corporate web and Internal Communication at this very company.

Has been head of the Corporate Communication Symposium at the Cajasol Institute, of the Caja de Ahorros of Cajasol (Spanish Bank) in Seville for eight courses. Also a participant in other teaching activities in this area, among others, at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Seville.

Has also collaborated in several publications on company communication themes and practiced journalism in different media (EFE Agency, Diario Levante, Antena 3 Radio…).

Between January 2006 and 2009 published on a daily basis in his first blog, Comucor, specialized in Corporate Communication.

On 26th June Comublog takes off, which, in a matter of days, becomes Benito Castro’s blog – LINK, also daily, about companies and organizations, from the point of view of the new web forms of communication. Is the author of “The height of Corporate Communication”, (El auge de la Comunicación Coporativa) (2007) published by creative commons.

Luis Rull (@luisrull)

Blog : Apuntes Rull.

Foto de Luis Rull

1973, Seville. Sociologist and Political scientist, has dedicated many years to the academic world in numerous universities, specializing in studying social networks and the creation of communities, as well as coordinating sociological field work.

In 2005, he created Blogestudio together with an entire team from Valencia, a company that creates and supervises blogs for all kinds of companies and organizations. This young company carries out all sorts of projects: knowledge management, intra- and inter-organizational communication social networks, social studies (polls, content analysis…), Internet marketing and web content creation.

In 2007, he goes solo and founded Mecus, a company based in Seville with a clients list made up of prestigious companies of the communication and media sector.

His favourite hobbies are John Coltrane’s music and Paul Aster’s books, besides eating good cinema and any good food.

He has been publishing his blog My notes – “Mis apuntes” since 2003, which has brought him great satisfaction and the occasional headache.

Don´t you know EBE? Come, have fun and learn with us
EBE is the biggest blogger and web entrepreneur conference in Spain and the second most important in Europe: 3,000 participants.

Why is it unique? Because you can feel enthusiasm about future in a relaxing and informal environment. Read more
Where? Celebrating venue
How to get to #EBE12? #EBE11 will take place 2 – 4, November 2012 at Hotel Barceló Renacimiento, Isla de la Cartuja, Sevilla.