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Why we say that #EBE11 is “Three in one”? The three main pillars of EBE are: conferences, leisure and personal and professional meetings. Our main objective is to learn, have a great time and connect with people, ideas and projects.

EBE hold conversation concerning current and future trends which will interest and stimulate our community.
Every year, EBE needs to reinvent itself, since our objective is creating a meeting concerning those topics that our community needs to know about, and it has been this way since we were born, five editions ago. It is similar to the boomerang effect or the echo. Our goal is to ask the questions that you want aswered. In EBE11 we would like, more than ever, to focus on people.

1. Conferences

Our EBE objective is to cover our attendees’ needs and interests which change every year.
Whereas #EBE11 will have plenary sessions involving speeches from leading industry figures it also organizes discussion groups small enough to ensure that the topics of the day can be discussed in a productive way, and a way in which all participants can contribute.

The EBE sessions will be succinct and have a light format.
Most conferences will take 30 minutes, (20 minutes for the speaker and 10 minutes for the question time). Once EBE is launched, you will have some free hours to involve the community in the agenda. Twitter will be our tool to suggest topics and speakers.
As in years before, we will have a broad list of topics. These topics will be the essence of our
conferences that will be held in a main room and other parallel conferences rooms.

Every location will have its own agenda, and we will discuss the most important topics of the
sector, as well as discuss more specialized topics, host blogger meetings etc. In EBE11, there will be a higher number of talks on parallel topics, such as knowledge management, productivity…
We will also include an agenda translated into English, ‘EBE in English’, with the presence of
social web leaders and entrepreneurs coming from European countries.

Are we going to stream EBE11?

Yes, of course. For the second year running, the main talks will be streamed with the aim of making the impact of EBE felt far from its physical location. It also wants to go beyond the levels reached in 2010. we aim to to surpass the levels achieved in 2010 where streaming went beyond 30,000 reproductions, a figure that placed ebe 10 as one of the most streamed events in Spain that year. EBE10 was a landmark in our History, an important quality progress compared to other national events.“EBE10 streaming went beyond 30,000 reproductions”.

2. Leisure

Enjoyment is a key point in EBE. – At #EBE11 we also recognize the importance of down time. We have a range of leisure activities to suit all tastes including paella etc

A host of leisure activities taking place both within the event and outside in the great city of Seville

Inner leisure:

  1. cooking and eating the largest Internet paella
  2. ecologic ice-skating
  3. performances
  4. shows…

An also next to Sevilla…
We want #EBE11 to be known for connecting people attending the meeting and the city of Sevilla.
We have organized leisure activities together with institutions and firms, and in association with the collaboration of Sevilla Convention Bureau. We will try to set up information points, organize music events, and make people living in Sevilla know what EBE really means. It is the moment for our attendees to feel the real Andalusian experience and make our EBEhearts beat louder than ever.

Outer leisure:

  1. gymkhana in Sevilla in order to get to know when was the symbol @ first used (16th
  2. “Ruta de la tapa”: tastings and contests
  3. Welcome in Reales Alcázares, one of the most beautiful places of Sevilla.
  4. guided tours…

3. Networking

We will have: personal and professional meetings. For the first time ever in EBE, credentials will be in different colors depending on the topics the person is interested in. We will use a
specially developed inscription platform for #EBE11. It will enable us to know ‘who is who at EBE’ with the aim of devirtualizing the relationship among attendees who have only known each other online previously.
Furthermore, to be confirmed, enterprises will be able to contact with those attendants and vice versa as long as both had accepted a previous contact request.

We will hold personal meetings and professional meetings

We will also hold meetings for bloggers. People interested in travelling, computers, fashion,
humor, communication, will be able to meet as part of our agenda.
Each year a higher and higher number of professionals attend our annual conference.

The increase in the numbers of professionals is as a result of the growing influence of social web tools and applications on enterprises organizations and all sectors of the economy today. They recognise that EBE is an important event for keeping up to date with the latest trends and meeting the most influential people in the industry.

That is the reason why EBE11 will pay special attention to professionals by contacting them,
by offering them useful content alternatives, by organizing parallel activities in lunches,
dinners, welcomes, tours…

We will still hold DE-MUESTRA, the previous event to EBE, dedicated to show the latest projects belonging to web entrepreneurs and sponsoring technologic-based enterprises.

We will also focus on the networking area. Having a specific area for professionals to meet is essential. A place where there will be tables, armchairs, chairs, a bar, coffee, suitable music…

One of the innovations, inspired by “speed dating” format, will be the 5-7 minutes interviews to search for job or project partners.

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