Hotel Barceló Renacimiento,Sevilla, España. 2de noviembre de 2012, 3 y 4 de noviembre de 2012de noviembre 2012


Past, Present & Future

What is new in EBE11?

1. We are moving to the Pabellón del futuro (Isla de la Cartuja, Sevilla).
2. EBE11 will be held from Nov, 11th, to 13th. Our numbers are still growing: 3,000 people and counting.
3. Talent Area. Connecting work and talent, supply and demand in 5-7 minutes long meetings where new opportunities and enterprising (ideas and opportunities? – enterprising not quite correct) may be born. These meetings are based on a new format: “speed dating”.
4. Have dinner with sector professionals…
5. Close connection to Sevilla. #EBE11 opens up to Sevilla, the city will be much more involved in our annual meeting.
6. Closed-circuit television in order to connect all rooms and those attendees have a birdseye view of what happens in every room.
7. Higher level and number of leisure activities with a greater impact, such as ice-skating and a large paella. bigger and better such as (weird)
8. “Genius Bar”-style specialised workshops, where those interested may voice their doubts and speak their minds on several tools.
9. Live broadcasting of national programming collaborator media.
10. EBE in English. On our agenda, there will be more English conferences and speeches than never before, and we will have a new guest country.

Why is EBE unique?

Because you can get excited about the future of the new media, social media marketing, in a relaxing and informal atmosphere. #EBE11 will host over 3,000 people.
EBE is the social web meeting par excellence in Spain, although it is much more than that. Its relationship with the community is present throughout the whole year but it increases when November comes, when EBE is held. EBE is where Internet lovers meet and discuss innovation and advancement.
All attendees have one thing in common. They are crazy about innovation and about the future of technology. They represent the brightest and best minds in an industry that is so crucial in enabling business to grow and succeed today

How was EBE10?

In 2010, EBE reaffirmed its position as the largest gathering of its kind in Spain and the second largest in Europe, according to attendance figures. We would like to improve on this by attracting new leaders, more participants and guest countries, in order ensure EBE goes global. One of the main characteristics that has differentiated EBE from other meetings has been its capacity to attract the most creative and talented people in the industry.

What are we going to experience at EBE11?

In terms of content and building relationships, EBE goes beyond the web. It will connect you to the future. Knowledge, networking and leisure, all in one place.
Sevilla will be the protagonist. The beautiful city of Seville is the perfect setting. A city that embraces tradicional Spanish culture but also is a city that reveres traditional Spanish culture but also embraces technology and recognises the importance of its contribution in today’s economy.

Higher attendance = Higher segmentation.
The annual meeting in Sevilla is not an isolated event. EBE is in contact with its growing community throughout the whole year via its channels of communication. EBE uses these channels to inform the community what is happening concerning in the industry. EBE is not just a one off.

Do you want to know a bit more about EBE11 slogan?

‘EBE: beyond the web’ will be our slogan for the 2011 edition, with the aim of highlighting the EBE’s impact both online and offline. Our slogan contains energy, experience and dreams that we live and share every year. EBE is the start of a change, the change that has never been lived before, a change in which the protagonists are people like you or me.

What are we going to be talking about in EBE11?

In #EBE11 we will talk about advances in web technology, its potential and any other technological innovations which affect our daily life. So, in EBE, we can talk about Facebook’s impact or knowledge management, productivity, sustainability, citizenship… the list in endless.
We invite those entrepreneurs who are reinventing the web. Since the very first edition, we have had outstanding guests such as: the founders of WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr
The main topics which will be analyzed in EBE11 in more than 30 sessions and by more than 50 speakers will be:

• The Facebook era: e-commerce, online gaming…
• Browser vs. Closed environment.
• Mobile phones, so what’s next?: new generation of applications, higher level of privacy…
• Freedoms in danger: civil law, intellectual property rights…
• Productivity and new business models: answers to the current economic situation.

Don´t you know EBE? Come, have fun and learn with us
EBE is the biggest blogger and web entrepreneur conference in Spain and the second most important in Europe: 3,000 participants.

Why is it unique? Because you can feel enthusiasm about future in a relaxing and informal environment. Read more
Where? Celebrating venue
How to get to #EBE12? #EBE11 will take place 2 – 4, November 2012 at Hotel Barceló Renacimiento, Isla de la Cartuja, Sevilla.