Hotel Barceló Renacimiento,Sevilla, España. 2de noviembre de 2012, 3 y 4 de noviembre de 2012de noviembre 2012


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will keep you updated regularly on our blog and other EBE platforms on all you need to know to live a unique experience at your #EBE12. We depend on your opinions and contributions, which are crucial for us to fulfil our job. If you need anything, we’ll answer all comments on the blog, Facebook page or on twitter (@ebe). And you can always write to us on our contact section.

We’ll be updating this page as the EBE weekend approaches.

What is EBE?

EBE, previously know as Spain’s Blog Event, is the major social web meeting point in the Spanish speaking world and second in Europe in attendance. The first edition was in 2006. In 2012 we will celebrate the 7th edition where we hope to gather 3,000 people.

Put in a different way, EBE is the reference event for web lovers and professionals; but we’re not only interested in the web. The EBE community is bonded by a common thrill for the future. They are, by definition, the new visionaries. At EBE we discuss the Internet, new technologies, knowledge management, productivity… in sum, we discuss any innovative and changing social process.

EBE is the place to be to be connected with the future. This is EBE

When and where is EBE12 celebrated?

#EBE12 will again be celebrated at the Convention Centre of Hotel Barceló in Seville Centro de Convenciones del Hotel Barceló as in previous years. Located in the Isle of Cartuja, between the bridges of Alamillo and Barqueta, it is only a few minutes from the centre of Seville and of one of its busiest areas, La Alameda de Hércules.

At the Hotel, we have reserved the Convention Centre exclusively for us, which is in the east wing of the Hotel. There we’ll be at home, with enough space to hold our niche talks, workshops and comfortable networking.

You can see in detail how to get to EBE.

How can I sign up?

Similar to last year, EBE will be charged: it will cost 15 euros. We’ll open the registration period in September for 3,000 people and a detailed programmed will then be provided. Each year more and more families come to EBE. If you bring children under 16 they won’t pay and won’t need to register. There will be no refunds if for any reason you cannot make it nor substitutions for somebody else’s name.

If you’re coming on business as a journalist, you can get your credentials with our contact form or by contacting the: prensa {arroba}

Programme and topics

The EBE community is not only interested in the web, but also in productivity, sustainability, knowledge management… any topic that involves any innovative and changing social process. From the latest fashionable web application to Usain Bolt’s trainers for the 100 metres and how that technology is then useful to the end consumer. In sum, the future.

We want EBE to be even better this year. We like to overcome ourselves and try to do it better every year. We have taken a long look at what you thought was the best and the worst of EBE, #lomejordeEBE and #lopeordeEBE, respectively, and made notes. If there is anything you’d like to point out, any comments are more than welcome; it helps us think about what we are doing wrong in order to correct it and understand what you prefer in order to reinforce it. Moreover, remember we always accept and appreciate suggestions through #charlaEBE and we are always listening to our account on Twitter (@ebe).

A bigger number of attendants implies a bigger content segmentation. We are putting effort into improving the programme for the different audience we have. We will continue with a parallel programme in 4 different spaces where we will differentiate major conferences, niche talks, workshops and a networking area with its own programme, which will be a novelty this year.

Every year our programme is very much related with the pulse of the Internet sector and related technologies and also with the contribution and participation of the people. Although it may sometimes fall into oblivion, the basis of the social web is its ability to become a vehicle for the interchange of experiences that allow for the variety and expansion of a new working system for society itself. As such, the motto will be “Share your experience”.

We are drawing up the programme in detail but we can disclose some of the topics present at EBE. We want to discuss design, productivity, organization, trends, fashion, journalism, new products, the new app economy, shopping and making payments with cell phones, social media, new forms of online marketing, new forms of cultural productivity, education and technology, etc. Have we left out anything important? Give us a hint and we’ll set about it.

How can I present my company at DE-MUESTRA (the entrepreneurs section)?

DE-MUESTRA is the event prior to EBE dedicated to startups, new products by technologic companies and mentoring entrepreneurs. Estimated attendance: between 500 and 600 people. To decide if you want to introduce your product, look out for the guidelines we’ll announce in September.

How to sponsor EBE?

You can contact us through out contact form or leave us a message on twitter or facebook. You’ll have a chance to join the sponsoring brands until the end of October. EBE is not only about 3 days. EBE is 365 days. Since 2010, we have likewise contemplated the presence at the event with previous and following online actions. We provide you with a first documentation so that you can get a sense of what’s new:

Who organizes EBE

EBE was founded by 3 Andalusian committed to the web industry: @benitocastro, @jlantunez and @luisrull. From the 2012 edition onwards it will only be up to @benitocastro and @luisrull to organize EBE, together with a great team.

Don´t you know EBE? Come, have fun and learn with us
EBE is the biggest blogger and web entrepreneur conference in Spain and the second most important in Europe: 3,000 participants.

Why is it unique? Because you can feel enthusiasm about future in a relaxing and informal environment. Read more
Where? Celebrating venue
How to get to #EBE12? #EBE11 will take place 2 – 4, November 2012 at Hotel Barceló Renacimiento, Isla de la Cartuja, Sevilla.